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A path to better financial health

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Creating Accountability & Transparency in Lending

Uprova was created with borrowers in mind. We believe that everyone deserves safe lending products and a clear path to better financial health, regardless of their credit history!

At Uprova we value all borrowers, subprime or prime, and feel they should be provided an equal opportunity to enter the lending market without predatory products.

Our Tribe

Uprova Credit, LLC is a tribal lending entity and wholly-owned economic development arm of The Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake Tribe of Pomo Indians. The Tribe’s reservation, located in northern California near the town of Upper Lake, is a federally recognized sovereign nation located within the United States of America.

At Uprova our mission is simple: We provide our customers with a fast, simple solution when they need cash the most. Our customers appreciate the easy, secure, and flexible access to our online payday loan alternatives. They often turn to Uprova’s tribal loans as a simple emergency solution. We help them to avoid the extremely costly payday advance loans that may result in high overdraft fees and bounced checks. We support our customers with tribal installment loans, short-term funding for those unexpected life events, or difficult financial situations that happen to us all.

Why Choose Uprova?

Don’t get stuck with unreasonable rates, terms, and penalties

Options for your finances
Your Loan is Our Loan
We will not sell your loan – it will be held by the Tribe’s entities from the day you take out your loan to your final payment.
Easy to Understand Loans
We offer simple interest installment loans that are straightforward and meet our customer's needs.
Searching for Money and Hidden Fees
Absolutely No Hidden Fees
With Uprova, what you see is what you get. That means no hidden fees, predatory terms, or conditions.
Absolutely Risk-Free
Checking your rate with Uprova will not affect your FICO® Credit Score!

Uprova Mission Statement

Dedicated to advancing the lives of borrowers by leveraging the full potential of technology to deliver a suite of individually tailored credit products.

Who We Are

As a tribe, we understand the importance of equity, and the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake Tribe takes great pride in offering fair, transparent and beneficial services to borrowers across the credit spectrum. Technology is reshaping online lending by giving lenders tools to make access to credit for borrowers easier than ever.

The Tribe launched Uprova in 2021, inaugurating a unique approach to lending: leveraging the use of technology to offer a new suite of products designed to meet the Tribe’s mission and long-term goal of offering financial products that can build borrowers’ credit while serving customers of all credit scores.

Uprova was created on the belief that everyone should have access to safe and affordable lending options. By incorporating the latest in risk and analytics technologies, borrowers will be given a chance build their credit score with an end goal of converting subprime borrowers into prime borrowers, all under one roof. Uprova will lend to borrowers of all credit levels, but the mission is to uplift the underbanked. Borrowers can expect competitive credit, value beyond financial products, a streamlined experience, and instant funding!

Uprova allows borrowers to access financial services from the Tribe’s jurisdiction pursuant to Tribal law and regulation. All of these financial services are strictly regulated by the Tribal Consumer Financial Services Regulatory Commission, which is charged with enforcing Tribal law to protect consumers. We operate in compliance with all Tribal and applicable federal laws.

Think outside the box with Uprova!

Low APR flexible term personal loans

What We Offer

Opportunity through financial flexibility

We provide borrowers fixed-term installment loans as opposed to traditional payday loans. With an installment loan, borrowers agree to a repayment plan, which includes the loan amount plus interest and is paid in regular payments over time. Uprova’s loans are repaid in 20 simple bi-weekly payments. Uprova offers automatic payment withdrawals and deposits to make the process even easier, and customers are free to pay the loan in full at any time or make additional payments to the principal on scheduled pay dates, without penalty.

Learn. Know. Improve.

When it comes to finances knowledge is power

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The Basics of Borrowing

Uprova strives to help our customers learn the basics of the borrowing process by providing blog content that connects them with online resources. Before making any decisions, it pays to take a little time to understand the core principles behind lending.
Searching for Money and Hidden Fees

Know Your Loan Options

Uprova provides lending products that are simple to understand, safe, and fast. Before making any lending decision, it’s essential to identify and understand all potential options.
Increasing Credit Score

Improve Your Financial Health

Through connecting our users with knowledge and information, Uprova strives to help our customers make smart decisions and improve their financial health.

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Checking your rate won’t affect your FICO® Credit Score!

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