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An approval decision happens seconds after your application is submitted, and you can typically receive funds within 30 minutes, 24/7/365!

Your Consumer Loan & Arbitration Agreement provides you with the terms of your loan and will contain a payment schedule that will show you your payment dates and the amounts owed on those dates. However, you may visit our website and view your payment options at any time. You may pay additional amounts toward your principal on scheduled payment due dates. You may also choose to pay your loan in full at any time without penalty, and your finance charges will be prorated if it is before your due date. If you have any questions about your payment schedule, you may also call Customer Service at 866-362-3444 or reach out through a contact form.

Uprova offers loans up to $5,000 to those who qualify.

Yes, you may log in to your Account Portal and view your payment options at any time to pay your loan in full without penalty. Your finance charges will be prorated if it is prior to your due date. You may also use the Account Portal to add extra principal to your scheduled payments. If you have any questions about your payment schedule, you may also call Customer Service at 866-362-3444 or reach out through the Contact Page.

Contact Customer Service at 866-362-3444, and an agent will be available to assist you with exploring other payment options. If we are not contacted, and your payment returns for insufficient funds, a $25 insufficient funds fee may apply, and you may incur overdraft fees from your financial institution, and your payment may be resubmitted. If that resubmitted payment returns for insufficient funds, your account may be suspended until all monies are paid, and our collection process will begin.

You are only eligible to receive one loan with us at a time.

You have two options; you can reapply by using the returning customer login, or you can call Customer Service at 866-362-3444 to reapply.

Absolutely, we utilize a secure 256-bit SSL certificate for all input items. We also employ several different security services to prevent hacking or data intrusion. We strive to constantly adapt to new technologies to provide better security.

No, you will never be charged an application fee.

Though you are not guaranteed to be approved for a loan, these short-term loans are designed to help individuals with Bad Credit or No Credit. We base our decision on the information you have provided in your application and may run a credit check using a credit bureau.

If you have more than two active loans, we will be unable to assist you.

If you have previously given consent to receive text messages and have changed your mind, you can opt-out of receiving further text messages by reply texting the word “STOP” to a previous text or by calling us at 866-362-3444.

You will receive messages including but not limited to;

  • notifying you as to important issues regarding your account
  • payment reminders
  • obtaining information necessary for us to service your account
  • collecting on your account
  • promotional messages

We look forward to hearing from you; you can contact us by phone at 866-362-3444, by email at [email protected], or fill out a contact form on our Contact Us page.

No, we don’t accept applications over the phone for new customers. You can click on the “Apply Now” or “Get Started” buttons to fill out an application online. Then you may contact us by phone at 866-362-3444.

A consumer loan is a short-term, small-principal loan that is repaid in installments in accordance with a payment schedule set out in the Consumer Loan & Arbitration Agreement.

The Loan Agreement is a contract between you and Uprova Credit, LLC, that includes information required by Tribal law. It outlines the financial terms of the consumer loan, including the cost of the loan, the dollar amount of the loan, annual percentage rate, the method of repayment, and the schedule of repayment. It also contains provisions that explain your and our obligations related to the loan, including what happens in the event there is a dispute between us. You should read your Consumer Loan and Arbitration Agreement carefully.

If you select the Electronic ACH option and provide ACH authorization, we will be authorized to use the Automated Clearing House Network which is governed by NACHA rules and regulations. The amount to be withdrawn from your account will be the amount that is authorized by you in your Consumer Loan & Arbitration Agreement. If you see a different amount, please give us a call at 866-362-3444 right away so that we may rectify that error.

Sorry, we do not accept credit card payments at this time.

Yes! You may contact one of our Customer Service Agents at 866-362-3444 for assistance with this change.

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