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Fair Rates. Simple Terms. Better Value.

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Uprova's Purpose

Uprova is dedicated to advancing the lives of consumers who are under-served by traditional financial providers. For far too long, consumers have been stuck with a choice of predatory loans or no money at all.

As an alternative, Uprova offers easy-to-access personal installment loans, utilizing our proprietary scoring system to offer our borrowers credit products.

From debt consolidation to an emergency expense, we’re confident that Uprova has a lending option for you.

Personal Installment Loans Up to $5,000

Uprova has a lending option for you. Get started without impacting your FICO® score.

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The Promise of Accountability & Transparency

Let’s face it, there is a lot of distrust out there between borrowers and lenders. When a consumer is applying for a loan, it’s not usually an easy process. Consumers have come to expect long applications, unclear terms, indecipherable fine print, predatory rates, and confusing terms, conditions, and penalties.

Uprova is committed to making those issues a thing of the past

We’re focused on bringing accountability and transparency to lending. From easy applications, clear terms and conditions, favorable re-payment plans, and fast disbursals, Uprova is different!

Why Choose Uprova?


Easy Application

At Uprova, our application process is easy, and checking your rate won’t affect your FICO® Credit Score!

Quick Decision

Our cutting-edge approval process allows us to provide lending decisions in minutes!

Fast Funding

No more long waits for the cash you need today. With Uprova, you can typically receive funds within 30 minutes, 24/7/365!

Financial Freedom

Uprova is designed to help borrowers improve their financial health, opening doors to better lending options in the future.