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Uprova provides loans to borrowers across the credit spectrum. Whether you have excellent or poor credit, we have a financial solution to meet your needs. Getting a personal loan with bad credit can be especially challenging. Uprova is here to help!

Choose Uprova and enjoy the benefits of our customer rehabilitation path. Returning customers who qualify will be eligible for higher dollar loan amounts with lower APRs and longer terms, all with the opportunity to rebuild your credit score.

Uprova’s mission is to help customers with no credit or poor credit get the funding they need while boosting their credit for the future. We reward returning borrowers with lower interest rates, longer loan terms, and higher dollar loans. We can help rebuild your credit by reporting your timely payments to the major credit bureaus.

When faced with a large purchase, debt consolidation, or an unexpected financial burden, a personal loan may be an ideal solution to receive the funds you need quickly and easily. Unfortunately, many banks and lenders use your credit score to determine how much you can borrow and what your rates and terms should be.

An Uprova fixed-term personal installment loan can be used to finance anything you’d like. If you’re struggling with high-interest loan payments and credit card debt, need to make a large purchase, or are experiencing an unexpected emergency, an online installment loan may be your best solution. By reporting your loan repayment to the major credit bureaus, Uprova can help you improve your credit score and your chances of borrowing at a lower cost in the future.

  • Competitive fixed-rate, fixed-term, and fixed payment schedule
  • Scheduled automatic payment options
  • No origination fee or prepayment penalty
  • Simple online application and funding process
  • If approved, you can typically receive funds within 30 minutes, 24/7/365
  • Loans from $300- $5,000 with NO COLLATERAL required
  • Terms up to 36 months

Money you need now – Credit you can use in the future

A personal loan through Uprova provides the money you need now with terms and conditions that you can trust, helping to achieve your personal and financial goals.

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Credit or Debt Consolidation
A personal loan is an excellent way to consolidate your debt or refinance your credit cards. A installment loan can allow you to lower your rates, consolidate debt payment dates, and simplify your debt management efforts by aligning it all into one easy to understand payment.
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Unexpected Costs
Unexpected medical bills, car issues, or travel expenses can happen to anyone at any time, and most people are not prepared. If you’re facing an unexpected financial emergency and are unsure where to find the money to handle it, be sure to consider an online personal loan from Uprova.
Home Improvements
If you’re looking to finance home renovation or home improvement projects, Uprova’s fixed-term installment loans may be the perfect choice for you. With low APRs, no unexpected fees, and flexible terms, our personal loans can help you make those upgrades today – without jeopardizing your financial future.
Uprova offers so much more!
And More!
These are just a few suggestions for personal loan use. One of the best aspects of Uprova’s tribal installment loans is you that don’t need to have a specific reason or expense to take one out. You can use our online personal installment loans for any purpose you like. If you need cash fast, Uprova is here to help!

How to apply

With Uprova, applying for a low APR, fixed-term personal loan has never been easier. Simply visit our site, provide some basic personal and credit information, and potentially be approved in minutes, without ever leaving home!

Online Application
Provide some personal and financial information to help underwrite the loan.
Uprova will review your information and potentially provide a loan offer – which you can accept and approve.
That’s it! If approved and accepted, you will receive your money, through a direct deposit, into your bank account.
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Why Uprova online personal loans?

Low APR flexible term personal installment loans

Uprova is an easy-to-use resource for safe online personal loans that help people meet unexpected emergencies and cash-flow needs quickly and easily. We are a prime source of online lending for low APR, flexible term installment loans. Our loan application is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete, meaning you could receive your approval in minutes!

Typically, personal loans hold lower interest rates than most credit cards and a wide range of other lending vehicles. At Uprova, no collateral is needed to qualify for our loans, and since terms and payments are fixed, many re-payment options will easily fit within your budget. Making it easy to track the date your loan will be fully paid off. In fact- when utilized for debt consolidation our Uprova personal installment loan can even help build or improve your credit score!

Frequently asked questions about personal loans

With Uprova you can select a loan amount anywhere from $300 – $5,000

Checking your rate for a tribal fixed-term installment loan from Uprova will not affect your FICO® credit score. However, if you proceed with the loan after receiving your estimated rate, your credit score may be affected.

For those with no credit, getting an Uprova Tribal fixed-term installment loan and repaying it on time can help boost your credit score. If Uprova reports your loan to the major credit bureaus, your timely repayment will reflect on your credit score and show up in your credit history. It shows future lenders that you can be trusted to repay debt. If you have poor credit due to late or missed payments in the past, a new personal loan can help rebuild your credit score as long as you make timely repayment.

Typically in up to 30 minutes, 24/7/365! Sometimes it may take up to 48 hours depending on your bank.

Still, have questions? Please visit our FAQ’s page here. To learn more about some common terms you may encounter when searching online lending options visit our Glossary.

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