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Tribal Installment Loans

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A Safe, Convenient, and Affordable Payday Loan Alternative

All the Benefits of Quick Cash Without the Risk!

Uprova offers a great solution to your problem! We all know traditional payday loans can get us the money we need quickly, but what many people don’t realize is that there are safer and smarter options available to bad credit borrowers out there.

Fixed-Term Installment Loans

Our Uprova Tribal fixed-term installment loans can help you avoid many of the pitfalls of traditional bad credit loans, cash advances, and payday loans. Our alternative payday loan product is designed to allow borrowers flexibility and transparency in borrowing. We provide all the benefits of a payday loan without all the confusion and risk!

Our Tribal Fixed-Term installment loans allow borrowers to pay back the loan over a period of time with a set number of scheduled payments that pay down both the interest and principal of the loan. Borrowers also have the option to pay the loan off at any time without penalty.

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Benefits of Uprova's Tribal Installment Loans

Fast. Convenient. Secure.

  • You can typically receive funds within 30 minutes, 24/7/365!
  • Checking your rate doesn’t affect your FICO® Credit Score
  • Fast funding
  • There are no hidden fees or penalties
  • Credit reporting that can build your FICO® Credit Score and alternative credit score
  • Borrowers pay down the principal with each payment
  • Fixed payment term
  • No prepayment penalties (pay in full at any time)
  • Easy to understand loan terms
  • Multiple payment options
Fixed-Term Installment Loans Up to $5,000

A safe, convenient, and affordable payday loan alternative.

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