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Payday Loan Alternatives That Bring Bad Credit Borrowers Out of the Shadows

Times are changing faster than ever, but interestingly, traditional financial institutions are not changing as quickly as consumers’ financial needs. Nearly all traditional financial institutions use a borrower’s credit score to determine if they are eligible to receive a loan or credit. Unfortunately, around 21% of all Americans have a credit score deemed “Deep Subprime,” making them ineligible for many standard lending products.

Being locked out of the traditional lending markets by their poor credit scores, this group of “Deep Subprime” borrowers feel like their only option is to turn to predatory loans, many of which are online, contain high-interest rates, unmanageable fees, and produce inevitable results.

That’s where Uprova comes in!

Funding Options for All Credit Profiles

Payday loan alternative for bad credit borrowers that's fair and equitable.

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Provide Needed Cash Fast

Uprova knows the importance of receiving cash fast. We want our borrowers to get the money they need, when they need it, which is why you can apply today and you can typically receive funds within 30 minutes, 24/7/365!

Clear and Fair Lending Terms & Conditions

Borrowing money shouldn’t be confusing. Transparent and fair lending terms are an essential feature to ensure borrowers aren’t stuck with huge repayment fees and penalties.

High-Level Customer Service

Uprova cares about its customers. We have top-notch customer service and support staff ready to answer any questions our borrowers have about their Uprova loan and provide them with the information needed to help them out of financial hardship. We are here to lift our customers up!

Improve Credit Status

Some loans with Uprova report a borrower’s payment history to the major credit bureaus, and other loan types report payment history to alternative credit bureaus! Meaning borrowers are building credit with our products to improve either their FICO® or their alternative credit score.

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A Higher Lending Standard

Uprova is dedicated to advancing the lives of consumers who are under-served by traditional financial providers.

Uprova believes all people should have access to safe, affordable, and reliable lines of credit or other lending products, regardless of their credit score. Through our proprietary scoring system, we evaluate a borrower’s ability to pay back the payday loan alternative, while understanding even those borrowers with poor credit scores deserve options that won’t take advantage of them!

Easy Tribal Loans

The process of applying for our fixed term installment loans or our payday loan alternative is fast, easy, and secure. New customers can apply directly on our site, and returning customers can easily re-apply online for their next loan. Our underwriting team will provide a decision moments after a borrower submits his or her application. You can even manage your loan and payments from the palm of your hand once approved!

With Uprova, getting a debt consolidation loan or alternative to a payday loan isn’t complicated!