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Current mortgage rates are high which is leading to more renovations instead of selling a home.

3 Options for Financing Home Renovations

A home renovation can make your home more enjoyable to live in, may increase your home resale value, and make it easier to sell your home. Many homeowners are looking to renovate instead of selling their home since mortgage rates are still high, despite dipping recently. About 17% of homeowners are spending more on improvements […]

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a personal loan for inflation make sense

Personal Loan for Inflation: Could a Loan Help Fight Inflation?

While 2022 is in the rear-view mirror, one thing that isn’t is high inflation. While the U.S. economy slowed in the 4th quarter, it still grew at a 2.9% rate despite high interest rates and widespread fear of a recession. While that might seem like good news, it also means that inflation has remained higher […]

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Consider all of your options before applying for a personal loan

A personal loan can be the perfect choice for home improvements when you need quick funding.

Is a Personal Loan for Home Improvements the Best Option?

Learn more about a personal loan for home improvements Some people purchase older homes, even though there are known issues, because they are cheaper. For many, especially during hot markets like the one that just occurred from 2020 to 2022, it’s the only way to buy a home. These homes may require things like a […]

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Apartment Flooded

What To Do When Your Apartment Floods

Here’s what to do if your apartment floods. Your apartment floods, and it’s a nightmare. What you do next can impact how well you recover both emotionally and financially. Floods are the most common and costly natural disaster in the United States, according to The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Flooding has cost Americans more […]

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Save cash with a tight budget

Bad Money Habits: Expenses Successful People Avoid

Discover the money habits of financially healthy people and turn your finances around. While there are a few very lucky people who strike it rich through things like winning the lottery or becoming famous, must financially successful people get there by spending wisely, investing well and saving. It might sound boring, but good money habits […]

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Jar of money as an emergency fund so that you have savings set aside for unexpected expenses.

What Is an Emergency Fund & How to Maintain It?

How to keep an emergency fund for unexpected expenses. Emergencies happen all the time. Are you prepared? Many people weren’t financially prepared for a global pandemic. Luckily, the government stepped in with financial assistance and supportive programs. In the case of a personal financial emergency, there wouldn’t be a stimulus check to help you get […]

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How to Determine if a Fixer-Upper is a Good Investment

Flipping a fixer-upper can be a lucrative investment if you buy the right house. Watching home renovation shows can get you excited about house flipping, but there is a lot to know before you purchase a fixer upper. A fixer-upper can cost a lot less than a new build or recently remodeled home, giving the […]

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Lending options for all credit types

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