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September 18, 2023

Here’s how much to spend on a wedding gift this year.

Weddings are joyous occasions that celebrate love, unity, and commitment. As a guest, one of the aspects of attending a wedding is choosing the perfect gift to express your well-wishes and support for the newlyweds. While gift-giving is a cherished tradition, determining the right amount to spend on a wedding gift can be a challenging task for some.

The average cost of a wedding gift is $100 per person, according to Wedding Forward. Wedding website The Knot recommends spending between $75 and $175 plus depending on your relationship with the couple. According to a survey, Americans spend an average of $179 on a wedding gift for a close family member, $119 on a close friend, $114 on a relative, $79 on a friend, and $66 on a coworker.

In this article, we will explore some ways to determine how much you should spend on a wedding gift.

  1. Personal Connection and Budget

The first step in deciding how much to spend on a wedding gift is considering your relationship with the couple and your financial capacity. While weddings are very special events, it’s important not to overspend beyond your means. Give a gift that reflects your genuine feelings for the couple and aligns with your budget. Remember, the thought and sentiment behind the present are more meaningful than its monetary value.

  1. Cover Your Plate

One strategy for determining how much to spend on a wedding gift is to use the “cover your plate” rule. The idea is that your wedding gift’s value should at least match up to what the couple spent to cover your meal. The issue with this strategy is that some couples opt for extravagant weddings while others prefer a simple affair. Should their wedding plans impact what they receive from friends and family?

  1. How Much You’re Spending to Celebrate

If you are a part of the wedding, you might already be spending hundreds of dollars to celebrate the couple. You could be throwing a bridal showering, bachelorette party, paying for a tux or bridesmaid dress, etc. These factors can influence how much you spend on a wedding gift.

  1. How Much They Gave You

If you are attending the wedding of someone who attended yours, it’s a little easier to determine how much to spend on them. If you kept track of what your guests got you for your wedding, you can spend a similar amount on them.

  1. Factor in Your Attendance

If you’re not going to the wedding, you typically don’t have to spend as much on a wedding gift as if you were attending since the couple doesn’t have to cover the costs of you being at the event. If the event is a destination wedding that’s far from where you live and you’re already paying to travel to be at the wedding, many couples don’t expect a gift. You could make a homemade gift or give the couple a card with your well wishes instead of a monetary gift.


Deciding what to spend on a wedding gift can be hard, but keep in mind that the average amount people spend is around $100 per person. When considering what to spend, consider your budget and your relationship with the couple. If you are a part of the wedding and spending a lot to celebrate the couple, you might not need to spend as much on a gift. The same can be true if the couple is having a destination wedding that’s far from where you live. You can also consider how much the couple spent for your wedding and whether you are planning to attend the wedding when deciding how much to spend on a wedding gift.

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