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December 13, 2022

Learn what the average funeral costs so you don’t get caught unprepared.

A funeral is probably the last thing you want to financially plan for.  However, a lack of planning could leave your loved ones in a poor financial situation as funerals can cost thousands of dollars. Knowing how much the average funeral costs and what expenses there might be can help you plan and build savings to prevent loved ones from having to worry.

How much does the average funeral cost?

The average funeral costs about $7,848, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. That includes a viewing and burial. That cost does not include a cemetery plot, flowers, or a headstone. Cremation can be slightly less expensive, as you don’t need to pay for a casket.

What are common funeral expenses?

There are some funeral expenses you probably expect like the casket, headstone, and cemetery plot, but there are other expenses you might not have thought to plan for like ceremony flowers. Here are some funeral expenses you may want to plan for.

Funeral home service fees.

Funeral homes provide basic services required for a funeral service or burial. Those services can include planning the funeral service, obtaining any permits required, obtaining copies of the death certificate, preparing the notice of death, coordinating the burial or cremation, and taking possession of and housing the body until the service. The basic service fee can cost around $2,300.

In addition to basic services, many funeral homes offer additional services like makeup and hair styling, staff to manage a funeral ceremony, and more. These services can add hundreds of dollars to the funeral bill.

Ceremony expenses.

Your loved one may have expressed their funeral wishes like wanting flowers at their ceremony or a tent to keep people cool from the heat or sheltered from rain. Whether you are carrying out the wishes of a loved one, or planning your own funeral, there may be event planning or production costs depending on what type of ceremony you want.

Funeral flower arrangements can be pricey. A small funeral flower arrangement can cost you between $50 to $80 depending on the region you live in. Floral tributes or shaped wreaths can cost over $100, and large casket spray arrangements can cost between $250 and $700. You might want to book a service car or limousines to transport guests. Printed materials like programs, prayer cards, etc. are typically priced per unit, so you will pay more depending on the number of guests. Full-service printing can be as expensive as $345 to $400. You can DIY your own programs and print at home, but you will still need to pay for the paper, ink, and template if you want a predesigned program.

Preparing for a funeral.

Some people choose to put money away to cover funeral costs to alleviate the pressure from their loved ones. This also ensures you can have the type of funeral you wish. There are many ways to pay for a funeral in advance. You could put money in a savings account. You could get final expense insurance. You could invest in annuities. You could also pay for the funeral home in advance.

How to pay for funeral costs.

The death of a loved one can come unexpectedly with little time to put funds together. The funeral home will expect to be paid up front, and you will only have a few days to move the body from the hospital. In addition to funeral expenses, you may also need to cover hospital bills.

Even if your loved one has a life insurance policy, or money you will inherit, the funeral home will not wait for an insurance claim to be processed or for an estate to be settled. You will need to pay the money up front and then get reimbursed later.

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Funerals cost thousands of dollars. There are many costs to consider from basic funeral home fees to additional services. There are also ceremony costs like flowers, a car service, and more. Funerals are not a fun thing to plan for, but putting money aside for yours can help prevent your loved ones from having to stress about finances while they’re mourning a major loss.

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