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March 1, 2023

If paying off a personal loan is on your 2023 to-do list, you’re in the right place. Whether you took out a personal loan for a home repair that couldn’t wait, an emergency bill that needed to be paid ASAP, or for other unexpected expenses, you can pay it off sooner if you make some lifestyle changes. Learn how to pay off your loan faster and why paying off a personal loan is beneficial.

How to Pay Off a Personal Loan

If you’re feeling stressed or guilty that you haven’t paid off your personal loan already, it’s time to let go of that shame. It can be hard to pay off a personal loan when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, especially with today’s high inflation. Follow these tips to help you pay off that personal loan.

1. Prioritize budgeting.

If you don’t have a budget, now is the best time to create one. Creating a budget will help you understand how to manage your money responsibly and help you identify just where your money is going. Once you’ve laid out your expenses, you can start to cut unnecessary expenses to make room for larger debt payments. Add your personal loan as a budget line item so you can prioritize paying it off.

2. Look for side gig opportunities.

It can be difficult to pay off a loan when your paycheck is already stretched thin. While it might be difficult to earn more at your current job, you could consider taking on a side gig or using your unique skills to earn a little extra cash. In addition to the side gigs we all know about like driving for a ride sharing service or delivering food, you could earn money by utilizing your creative talent. If you write well, you could earn money from freelance writing. If you have design skills or know how to use Canva, you could earn cash for creating logos or invitation templates.

3. Cut unnecessary expenses.

Paying off your personal loan might only be possible by temporarily cutting some discretionary spending like eating out, streaming apps, entertainment, and travel. You can incorporate these things back into your budget once you’ve paid off your personal loan and/or other high interest debts.

4. Make sure there are no penalties.

Some lenders charge a fee for paying off your personal loan early. Check that you won’t owe any additional fees for paying off your personal loan before your predetermined due date. At Uprova, we don’t charge early payment fees.

Why Paying off a Personal Loan is Important

Personal loans can come with high interest rates depending on your credit score and financial history. Paying off your personal loan early can reduce what you will owe overall. In addition, if you miss a payment, you could be charged a late fee. By paying off your personal loan, you could also improve your credit score. Prioritizing personal loan repayment is a good financial decision that can set you up for success.

If you need quick funding, Uprova can help with a personal loan. You can get started online today.

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